About Us

BEST Bricks & Pavers is a 100% South Australian owned business that manufactures concrete pavers and products in Adelaide. Established in 1993, BEST is now a market leader in the supply of segmental traditional pavers, large format paving, wall blocks, terrazzo tiles, bricks, and footing block products.

From the outset, BEST’s charter has been to provide world-class concrete products. BEST has never offered the same old products as everyone else, instead BEST started with a clean slate travelling the world for inspiration. Taking the best European style, adding our own ingenuity and leading the way with constant innovation, BEST have created pavers and tiles in new styles, new sizes, new colours and new finishes on a large scale, as well as for the boutique marketplace.

BEST's production processes have been evolving since we commenced production of pavers in 1993. BEST is continually striving to not only to meet international best practice and standards, but exceed them. Following on ISO9001-2008 principles of quality assurance, customer service and continual improvement we have established a process for the manufacture of pavers that meet all legislative and industry requirements whilst maximising efficiencies, resource allocation, respect for the environment and ensuring customer choice is paramount.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants located in South Australia are purpose built in Europe and the U.S.A. BEST Bricks & Pavers personnel regularly travel the world in order to adopt production practices and technology that can be deemed “world-class”. Cutting edge technology and protection of the environment go hand in hand. BEST is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its entire product range through the use of modern work practices, major recycling and energy saving programmes.


Employees of BEST Bricks & Pavers

Our employees

But it is not just about machines. It’s about people. Our craftsmen have an eye for detail and a passion for quality. They produce an array of products which is as extensive as it is impressive. They turn out quality traditional masonry pavers and blocks, retaining wall systems, exquisite large format pavers, terrazzo tiles to match the most expensive imports and granite pavers and tiles all made from Australian stones and granites. 

Supporting local business and the community

At any one time, we utilise the skills of numerous paving contractors, employing some 80+ people in various paver installation projects around the city of Adelaide and surrounds.

The South Australian Government along with The Industry Advocate has implemented an Industry Participation Policy  ( SAIPP ) whereby any project in South Australia requires a minimum industry participation of 15% when tenders are being evaluated. There has also been a SA product rating system to assist companies and individuals in determining which products and services to use to meet the Industry Participation Policy.
You can be assured that Best Bricks & Pavers meets the highest level in the SA Product Rating System. Best Bricks & Pavers meets the Total Supply Chain classification. Total Supply Chain means that at least 80% of the components, materials or substances used in the primary production or manufacture are sourced from within South Australia. The supply, distribution, and installation of the product all occur within South Australia. 

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